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Florida History

Various Historical Periods in Florida’s History

Pre-European Contact

Indigenous peoples of Florida

European Colonization in Florida (1497-1821)

U.S. Territorial

Territorial Florida (1821-1845)


Florida Statehood (March 3, 1845)

Civil War and Reconstruction

Florida during the Civil War and Reconstruction

20th Century

Florida in the 20th Century

Florida History in the News

A Brief Timeline of Florida History

10,000 BC to current

The Spanish Colonization of Florida

Historical Museum of Southern Florida

Five Centuries of Florida History

National Park Service

14 Historical Landmarks You Absolutely Must Visit In Florida

Here are a few awesome Florida landmarks

Florida East Coast Railway

Henry M. Flagler’s contribution to the development of the State of Florida

Seminole Indians in Florida

A history of the Seminole Tribe in Florida

Videos About Florida History

Follow The Crowds: How Flagler & Plant Changed Florida

US History: Florida 1750 - 1845

First Colony: Our Spanish Origins

Early Florida (1880-1903)


Florida History and Cartography (1861)

Oligocene Epoch - Florida Fossils: Evolution of Life and Land

Florida Since World War 2