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Florida History

Various Historical Periods in Florida’s History

Pre-European Contact

Indigenous peoples of Florida

European Colonization in Florida (1497-1821)

U.S. Territorial

Territorial Florida (1821-1845)


Florida Statehood (March 3, 1845)

Civil War and Reconstruction

Florida during the Civil War and Reconstruction

20th Century

Florida in the 20th Century

Florida History in the News

A Brief Timeline of Florida History

10,000 BC to current

The Spanish Colonization of Florida

Historical Museum of Southern Florida

Five Centuries of Florida History

National Park Service

14 Historical Landmarks You Absolutely Must Visit In Florida

Here are a few awesome Florida landmarks

Florida East Coast Railway

Henry M. Flagler’s contribution to the development of the State of Florida

Seminole Indians in Florida

A history of the Seminole Tribe in Florida

Videos About Florida History

Follow The Crowds: How Flagler & Plant Changed Florida

US History: Florida 1750 - 1845

First Colony: Our Spanish Origins

Early Florida (1880-1903)


Florida History and Cartography (1861)

Oligocene Epoch - Florida Fossils: Evolution of Life and Land

Florida Since World War 2

19th & 20th Century Books and Booklets About Florida History

A Florida Sketch-Book - by Bradford Torrey

A Guide to Florida - 1873

A Handbook of Florida - by Charles Ledyard Norton

A History of Florida - by Caroline Mays Brevard

A Trip to Florida - Spring of 1883 - by John Jessie Bruce

Along the Florida Reef - by Charles F. Holder

An Authentic Report and History of St. Andrews Bay, Florida - by Paul A. Clifford

An Interesting History of Florida and the Famous Tarpon Springs by Enoch Conklin

Duval County, Florida 1885

Early Plantations of the Halifax Concerning the Ruins - by Edith P. Stanton

Excursions through Florida on the Jacksonville, St. Augustine and Indian River Railway - 1892

Features of the Hill Country in Florida - by Richard C. Long

Fifty-Two Years in Florida - by John C. Ley

Florida - A Collection of Photographs - 1886

Florida - A Pamplet Descriptive - Prepared in the Interest of Immigration - 1904

Florida - An Historical Sketch - by George J. Hagar

Florida - Beauties of the East Coast (A Collection of Photographs) - 1893

Florida - Its Climate, Soil and Productions - 1868

Florida - Its Climate, Soil and Productions - 1869

Florida - Its History and Its Romance - by George R. Fairbanks

Florida - Its History, Condition and Resources - by Samuel A. Drake

Florida - Past and Present - by Samuel C. Upham - 1883

Florida - The Land of Enchantment - by Nevin O. Winter

Florida Days - by Vilma M. Goodman

Florida Fancies - by F. R. Swift

Florida Flashlights - by J. H. Reese

Florida for Tourists, Invalids and Settlers - by George M. Barbour

Florida of Today - by J. W. Davidson

Florida or Summer in the Winter Time - 1891-93

Florida Winter Pleasure Tours by the Pennsylvania Railroad - 1896

Florida, An Ideal Cattle State - 1918

Florida's Pathfinder for the Tourist and Invalid - Season of 1875-76 - by John Prescott Whitney

Florida's Pathfinder for the Tourist and Invalid - Season of 1876-77 - by John Prescott Whitney

Highways and Byways of Florida - by Clifton Johnson - 1918

Historical Sketches of Colonial Florida - by Richard L. Campbell

Historical Society of Florida - 1856

History and Antiquities of St. Augustine, Florida - by George R. Fairbanks

History of Early Jacksonville, Florida - by Thomas Frederick Davis

History of Florida - by George R. Fairbanks

History of Florida, Louisiana, Texas and California - by Robert Greenhow

History of the United States to the Cession of Florida - by William Grimshaw

Home Life in Florida - by Helen Harcourt

Idle Moments in Florida - by George V. Hobart

Jacksonville, St. Augustine and Indian River (Railroad and Steamer Tours) - 1892-3

Notes on the Floridian Penninsula-Its Literary History, Indian Tribes and Antiquities - by Daniel G. Brinton

Old Saint Augustine - A Story of Three Centuries - by Charles B. Reynolds

Orlando, Florida (Photographs) - 1890

Palma Sola - The Youngest and Largest Town in Florida - 1884

Pennsylvania Railroad Tours of Florida - 1892

Pineapple Culture in Florida - 1921

Piracy off the Florida Coast and Elsewhere - by Samuel A. Green

Runnymede, Orange County, Florida - America's Sanitarium - 1880s

Saint Augustine, Florida - 1869

School History of Florida - by Edwin L. Green - 1898

St. Augustine - by John R. Musick

Story of the Huguenots - by F. A. Mann

The Blue Book and History of Pioneers - Tampa, FLA 1914 - by Pauline Brown-Hazen

The Civil War and Reconstruction in Florida - by William Watson Davis

The Conquest of Florida by Hernando de Soto - Vol. I - by Theodore Irving

The Conquest of Florida by Hernando de Soto - Vol. II - by Theodore Irving

The De Soto Expedition Through Florida - by T. H. Lewis - 1900

The Disston Lands of Florida

The Early Days and Remembrances of Osceola Nikkanochee - by Andrew Welch

The Exiles of Florida - by Joshua R. Giddings

The Florida Colonist or Settler's Guide - 1871

The Giant Fish of Florida - by J. Turner-Turner

The History of Methodism in Georgia and Florida - by Geo. G. Smith Jr.

The History of Saint Augustine, Florida - by William W. Dewhurst

The Purchase of Florida - Its History and Diplomacy - by Hubert Bruce Fuller

The Seminoles of Florida - by Minnie Moore-Wilson

The Spanish Border Lands - by Walter E. Bolton

The Spaniards in Florida - by George R. Fairbanks (published in 1868)

The Spanish Settlements - Florida 1562-1574 - by Woodbury Lowery

The Sword of Justice - by Sheppard Stevens

The Territory of Florida -Civil and Natural History - by John Lee Williams - 1837

The Truth About Florida - by Charles Donald Fox

The West Floridas Controversy, 1798-1813 - by Isaac Joslin Cox

West Florida and its Relation to the Historical Cartography of the U.S.A. - by Henry E. Chambers

What About Florida - by L. H. Cammack

Where to Go in Florida - by Daniel F. Tyler